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Second presentation: Microdermal

Hello again!

I've had a small break from blogging and piercing as there was Christmas etc. It was quite nice. I'm not that much a 'Christmas fan', but it was ok.
Since there was that, I gave myself a few gifts! Lowbrets & todays subject: microdermals. It really has been annoying with five healing piercings. (Surface was in healing progress, but I got it off yesterday, it didn't heal well and was quite fucked up) Lowbrets have been in my face for two weeks about, and dermals just over a week. Both has been healing nicely.
(I'm sorry for picture quality)

So here's my lowbrets and canines and dahlias!

 And now to the main subject! Microdermals.

Microdermals have been coming to popularity this year if you ask from me. You can see them usually at peoples eye corners. Microdermals are funny and lovely piercings, cause you can put them to almost anywhere in your body.
The reason why usually dermals age limit is 18 years, is because microdermal is actually an implant. You can't just take it off like you could do with your lip piercing etc. Microdermal jewelry is called dermalanchor. As you can see from the picture, there are few small holes in the anchor, those are the reason why the jewelry won't just come off with slight pull. Your body will grow new tissue from those holes, keeping the dermal still. There are lots and lots of jewerly to the top. Not the easiest thing to change, but as you get how to do it, its easy. I would prefer pressing the dermal, and slightly rotate the top off. You can get there diamonds, heart or star shaped  jewelry.. Almost anything. I myself prefer these 'normal' metallic plates. They fit nicely to my other piercings.

Microdermals are made with small round scalpel. You just push it to the end of the scalpel(usually they're about 2mm long), to persons skin, and just rotate it around. After the rotate, you slightly pull it away and do a small 'pocket' to the skin. That's the spot where to fit dermalanchors longer side. Anchors are put in they're place with own kind of forceps. Easy and fun, I'd say. It sounds like a lot of pain, doesn't it? Again, in my place, it didn't. It felt like a pinch as my piercer punched it(the round scalpel is called a dermalpunch), and I actually didn't even notice or feel when she put the jewerly inside. When you make face microdermals, they usually bleed like hell. Other bodyparts don't usually bleed as much, but everything is possible. 

Microdermals healing time is quite long. As you take one, use a bandage on it for about two weeks everytime you go to sleep. (The jewerly can jump off, as the tissue hasn't grown yet) The healing time is 1-3 months usually. Anchor is 1,6mm thick usually. 
USUALLY these piercings are more costly than others. About 60-80€ from one piercing.

And to the end, some pictures of my dermals & microdermals made by me!
My own darlings.

Again my own

Chest microdermal

Microdermals are also cool to mix with tattoos!

Thats all for now!
- Vera

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