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First presentation: Septum


Today I'll do this blogs first 'piercing presentation'! And as you can read from the title, it's septum.

I've got my septum pierced three times. First time was when I was 13. Other one was also at that time, and final one was at the age of 14. I've got my darling for three years soon, and it's the first one of my current piercings.

Most people say, that septum is the most painful piercing. I really don't agree with that one. Septum will hurt like hell, if you get it pierced to your nose cartilage. In most cases septum will be pierced in the skin between the cartilage and your noses edge. Of course peoples pain threshold is different, but for me, it didn't really hurt most, even though there was a huge cartilage bump.
I didn't pay anything for my septum.(My friend pierced it for me) In Finland, septum costs about 50-60€.
The healing time is from one month to three months approx. At the healing process there will be awful -or not so awful smell. It depends mostly about you, and the way you wash your piercing.

Septum piercing is possible to stretch. I've stretched mine to 3mm.(about 1/8 inches, 0,12 inch?) The stretching process is more painful than the piercing moment at my case. Septum must be stretched in very small number. I did it like this; 1,2mm -> 1,6mm -> 2mm -> 2,5mm > 3mm. The pain came at 2mm to 2,5mm. I used bcr ring to 2,5mm, and as you can see at the photo, my 3mm is plastic stretching horn. You can also do this with bcr ring, even though it will be easier with stretching horn. And yes, the smell is back. It's easy to get used to it, because it doesn't smell that bad anymore. Of course plastic smells more than titanium or iron.

I think that was about it.. I think I forgot something essential but anyways.
Any questions? Do not be afraid to ask!

- Vera

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