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My wildest bodymodification dreams


I've got few wishes from that I'd do a posting from my 'wildest bodymodification dreams'. So I'll do that for today.

AND A SMALL WARNING HERE! If you are sensitive, some of these pictures may be harmful.

For the start I will mention, that I have NO IDEA is some of these possible in anyway. They're just some of these, that would be really fucking cool. Don't take this anyway too seriously. This posting is mostly just thoughts and dreams and everything between needles and scalpels and pain.

And small piercing & other stuff update! Surface has been changed to two microdermals a week ago(?)! Also did few dermals to others last Monday. Tomorrow will be my scarification day. Stressed as fuck.

Lets start then!


Well, not particularly bodymodification, but sort of.

I am really not sure what is the 'original name' of this, but the idea is quite simple: Get hooks in your back/Stomach/chest/anywhere, and people will lift you in the air. Many people have called this thing very euphoric and unique feeling. It's one thing that I have to try in future. 

Ear shaping

I actually have no idea why I want this. I don't really want this most biggest shaping, but a small one. Maybe from curiosity..? Somehow it would be awesome and interesting. Just a small 'elf shape', could look absolutely gorgeous. 

Sadly I do not know anyone who has them, so no pictures. You'll see some by googling 'ear shaping'!


I already have decided to take 6-8 implants to my neck/back. Just small, round ones, in two rows. Will look good. I would enjoy few others too, the problem is that I have no idea what. I'm hoping that I'd get some ideas for this one. I still prefer small implants for myself tho, and I wouldn't even consider knuckle -or diamond shaped implants under my skin. 

(Get pictures by googling 'subdermal')


I've never EVER heard that someone would've done this, and I have no idea is it possible. But thank about it, maybe two dermal anchor like implants maybe even attached to the scapula(shoulder blade), and you could stick different kind of 'wings' to them. It would look so perfect. And as you move your scapula, the wings would move. 
In the end, this would be really annoying thing if we talk about clothes. Still would be bad ass and I would love them. 
And no pictures because I haven't seen anything like this ever.


Second most important bodymodification style for me! If I get my plans going as I wish and want now, I will have 60-80% of my body tattooed. This is one large topic again, so I will leave it to later for now!


And my most important bodymodification style. Few more to my face and many more to ears & body. 

I feel almost boring after writing these. I want mo bodymodifications to be awesome as fuck, but at the same time I want them to be 'low-key' and not so flashy. But it's a big thing for me.
And I'm sorry for having only one picture in whole thing. Next post will be full of them, I promise!

Also thanks to Lassi Sidoro ( ) for permission to use his picture! 

- Vera

Ps. I was lazy today and didn't really double check the text. Sorry for that.

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