maanantai 29. joulukuuta 2014

Second presentation: Microdermal

Hello again!

I've had a small break from blogging and piercing as there was Christmas etc. It was quite nice. I'm not that much a 'Christmas fan', but it was ok.
Since there was that, I gave myself a few gifts! Lowbrets & todays subject: microdermals. It really has been annoying with five healing piercings. (Surface was in healing progress, but I got it off yesterday, it didn't heal well and was quite fucked up) Lowbrets have been in my face for two weeks about, and dermals just over a week. Both has been healing nicely.
(I'm sorry for picture quality)

So here's my lowbrets and canines and dahlias!

 And now to the main subject! Microdermals.

Microdermals have been coming to popularity this year if you ask from me. You can see them usually at peoples eye corners. Microdermals are funny and lovely piercings, cause you can put them to almost anywhere in your body.
The reason why usually dermals age limit is 18 years, is because microdermal is actually an implant. You can't just take it off like you could do with your lip piercing etc. Microdermal jewelry is called dermalanchor. As you can see from the picture, there are few small holes in the anchor, those are the reason why the jewelry won't just come off with slight pull. Your body will grow new tissue from those holes, keeping the dermal still. There are lots and lots of jewerly to the top. Not the easiest thing to change, but as you get how to do it, its easy. I would prefer pressing the dermal, and slightly rotate the top off. You can get there diamonds, heart or star shaped  jewelry.. Almost anything. I myself prefer these 'normal' metallic plates. They fit nicely to my other piercings.

Microdermals are made with small round scalpel. You just push it to the end of the scalpel(usually they're about 2mm long), to persons skin, and just rotate it around. After the rotate, you slightly pull it away and do a small 'pocket' to the skin. That's the spot where to fit dermalanchors longer side. Anchors are put in they're place with own kind of forceps. Easy and fun, I'd say. It sounds like a lot of pain, doesn't it? Again, in my place, it didn't. It felt like a pinch as my piercer punched it(the round scalpel is called a dermalpunch), and I actually didn't even notice or feel when she put the jewerly inside. When you make face microdermals, they usually bleed like hell. Other bodyparts don't usually bleed as much, but everything is possible. 

Microdermals healing time is quite long. As you take one, use a bandage on it for about two weeks everytime you go to sleep. (The jewerly can jump off, as the tissue hasn't grown yet) The healing time is 1-3 months usually. Anchor is 1,6mm thick usually. 
USUALLY these piercings are more costly than others. About 60-80€ from one piercing.

And to the end, some pictures of my dermals & microdermals made by me!
My own darlings.

Again my own

Chest microdermal

Microdermals are also cool to mix with tattoos!

Thats all for now!
- Vera

tiistai 16. joulukuuta 2014

Painful Beauty

Heya there!

Yesterday was the day I've been waiting for years: My piercing education! So if someone didn't know where I was at training, it was at Kivun Kauneus ! The shop is at Kallio, Helsinki. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous shop has been there for over three years now, and is led by Jenni. She also worked as my teacher. I absolutely adore her, to be honest.

So, my day started at eight o'clock. Woke up, putting makeup and stuff like that. At ten o'clock I arrived to the shop. We started at some theory things. Lots and lots of paper. We actually went through all of the piercings, well, almost. Three and half hours of that. Then half an hour for eating and getting ready. I was really nervous. I would have about twenty piercings to do. Luckily (and sadly) for me, there came a few cancellations. At the end of the day, I was at the shop for nine and half hours and did twelve piercings. Not bad for me, I'd say.

The first customers arrived at half past three. Microdermals of course, the ones I was the most nervous about. Luckily, first customer was my friend. She wanted two microdermals in the back of her neck. Actually, it went very well. I had some problems to put the jewelry/implant on. But in the end they become actually really gorgeous!

Second one was microdermal to the corner of the eye/cheek etc. Also nervous, but went also well. AGAIN problems with jewelry, I was a bit frustrated with that. But ended well and she got pretty dermal to her eye corner.

And third one.. ALSO MICRODERMAL! To the chest. It was the easiest of these three places, not much blood and jewelry went well to the piercing hole!

Fourth one was snug, the ear piercing. Also lovely. I had many ear piercings to do: Rook, outter conch, tragus, anti-tragus! Rook and tragus really pissed me off with small piercing balls and jewelry. But other ways went well!

Also the day included nipple piercing, smiley and septum!

The day was a huge success to me! I learned many new things and I'm happy as hell. One of the best days of my life.
Huge thanks to my teacher Jenni S. and all of the people who came to my test bunnies! Thank you for making my dreams true!

- Vera

maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2014

First presentation: Septum


Today I'll do this blogs first 'piercing presentation'! And as you can read from the title, it's septum.

I've got my septum pierced three times. First time was when I was 13. Other one was also at that time, and final one was at the age of 14. I've got my darling for three years soon, and it's the first one of my current piercings.

Most people say, that septum is the most painful piercing. I really don't agree with that one. Septum will hurt like hell, if you get it pierced to your nose cartilage. In most cases septum will be pierced in the skin between the cartilage and your noses edge. Of course peoples pain threshold is different, but for me, it didn't really hurt most, even though there was a huge cartilage bump.
I didn't pay anything for my septum.(My friend pierced it for me) In Finland, septum costs about 50-60€.
The healing time is from one month to three months approx. At the healing process there will be awful -or not so awful smell. It depends mostly about you, and the way you wash your piercing.

Septum piercing is possible to stretch. I've stretched mine to 3mm.(about 1/8 inches, 0,12 inch?) The stretching process is more painful than the piercing moment at my case. Septum must be stretched in very small number. I did it like this; 1,2mm -> 1,6mm -> 2mm -> 2,5mm > 3mm. The pain came at 2mm to 2,5mm. I used bcr ring to 2,5mm, and as you can see at the photo, my 3mm is plastic stretching horn. You can also do this with bcr ring, even though it will be easier with stretching horn. And yes, the smell is back. It's easy to get used to it, because it doesn't smell that bad anymore. Of course plastic smells more than titanium or iron.

I think that was about it.. I think I forgot something essential but anyways.
Any questions? Do not be afraid to ask!

- Vera

torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014

Bit about me & this blog

Hello everyone!

So I am Vera, I'm 16 years old and I live in Finland.
I have two pets, a cat & a bunny. Both boys, cat is called Noke or Jesse, and bunny is called Castiel aka Cassu.
My music taste is quite large, but I mostly prefer metalcore, post-hardcore, synthpop & electro. I also enjoy singing(by myself tho).
I also have a boyfriend called Benni, and we've been together for over a year now.

My native language is Finnish, so my English can be a bit poor.

That was some small information about me.

And then to the real topic!

At this blog, I will mostly talk about my favorite thing; bodymodifications. I've had a huge interest at them for years now. At the moment I'm in a piercing & scarification education at Kivun Kauneus.
I'll be posting my work here, and also showing my own bodymodifications and telling you about them.
Right now I have 15 piercings, nine of them which are in my face. Here's a small list about them:
Canine bites (Angel bites + snake bites)
Dahlia bites
Antibrow (surface)
Tongue web
Navel piercing x 2
Nipple piercing
Stretchings at both ears (right one is 18mm & left one 5mm)

Also I have two tattoos at my sides, and I'm planning to get more soon.

My future 'bodymodification goals' will include lots of tattoos & piercing, scarification and implants. I will do longer post about this topic later.
l will also introduce my all piercings to you, one by one, and tell the 'basic information's' about them.

I got my first piercing when I was 12 years old. I guess it was tongue web.(or navel, can't remember which one) When I was 13, I got septum and helix & tragus.(I don't have them anymore) By the time I was 14, I got canine bites, bridge, navel, nipple, and sternum.(Also I don't have sternum anymore), and just before I turned 16, I got dahlia bites. Few weeks ago I got antibrow, and is my newest piercing. In few weeks I'll get two tongue piercings. (Not venoms)

So, that was a small starting for this blog!
Here's a few pictures of my babies.