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What does bodymodification mean to me?

Aye once again!

I was in the mood so I decided to write again. Also the blogs url changed to now, and got a new banner! Yay.
As you can guess from the title, I'll be writing about meaning of bodymodification in my life.

It is not surprise that I am crazy about bodymodification, but for me it isn't just like 'Yay piercings yay tattoos yay split tongues yay'. It's so much more. When I first time got interested in these kind of things, I was at the kindergarten. There was this trainee, who had snake bites, black hair and a bit 'gothic' style. She had almost the same name as me, and I was so excited. I was with her almost all the time and were asking about the jewelries and told all my friends that I want those too. My mother was horrified at that time. Of course it's understandable as I was like five or six years old.
But after that I always adored people with tattoos and piercings. As I got to the sixth grade and was about 11-12(?) year old, I started to read more about all bodymodification. And as I was a stupid girl, I made a bellybutton piercing with a safety pin. Wasn't a good idea, but I was so in love with it. I also made a tongue web piercing. When I was 13, I got septum and I've never been so proud about something. My parents never knew nothing about these. After I turned 14, it didn't take long when I met someone who was a piercer trainee and a friend of mine. I got septum again, took canine bites.. And they got a terrible infection. So in the end I had to take all of them except septum away. Maybe a month later I got a good piercer friend who made me canine bites back and after a while also made my bridge and a bellybutton piercing. With that combination I went for over a year. Last year the same day I turned to 16 I got dahlia bites. I just felt that there wasn't enough iron at all. I also went and took a surface piercing to my 'cheeck' - antibrow. It grew out soon(what a surprise). Next I decided that my lips aren't ready. So lowbrets came in.
After that there was again a small pause with these. I had been looking for a piercing shop where I could train, but none took me in. Then one very small shop did say, that he could take me, other shop said that I need to contact them again in spring. (These things happened in the end of 2014) I went to see the shop where they told that it could be okay, sadly that really wasn't my place at all. So I waited till spring, and contacted the other shop again. This lovely piercer & tattoo artist woman told me to stop by. I did, and she was so kind, lovely and warm hearted. She asked about what I already know, what piercing I know how to do etc. She truly believed in me and I was just crying of happiness. I got the place and she taught (and is still teaching) me everything. She also will be teaching me scarification. I was relieved. I was so happy.
I'll be telling about my 'trip to being a professional piercer' in another post.

So that was a small story about how I got to know all this and got all these.

Piercings aren't just pretty jewelries to me. They're form of art that I love. I have this huge passion for bodymodification, and I couldn't think life without it. It has made me more confident, made me dream many things and helps me with stress. Bodymods really were a saving angel to me. I had a really rough time back then, and still do, and the feeling I get when i get to do piercing to someone, it is truly incredible. All the adrenalin and making art, seeing customers face after they see the jewelry.. It's something worth to live for.
When I was younger I though that I won't be good at anything. Everyone were good at sports or drawing or singing and I thought I just simply suck in everything. And then I started to do piercings, and even though I say this myself, I am really fucking good at it. I want to learn more, do more.. It isn't easy or simple to get to be a trainee or anything, but as I didn't give up (after many times of thinking about it), here I am, I am a piercer, an artist. I do my dream job.
Many people (mostly family and other adults) have told me that this can't be my job, this is not a job or possibility. Now they don't think that anymore. They know that this is 'THE THING' for me. Even when I think that everything goes wrong, I can just plan what I'll get next, go to a shop and get a piercing, and it does help me a lot. It's almost therapeutic to me. Feeling the pain, that makes beauty. The feeling of modifying your body the way you want.. The feeling is gorgeous. I've never loved doing something this much. Never ever has anything helped me the way bodymodification helps. (we do not count people here okay)

It is hard to get to be a professional. But if you REALLY want it, go and get it. Do your everything. Absolutely everything. If you have a dream that isn't easy to get, then what? Nothing is impossible. You can do anything if you really want to. Be who you are, not what everyone else wants you to be. We only live once, why make yourself look good for others, but not to yourself? There's not point of doing that.

Bodymodification is my life. It's my dream and my passion. It's everything.
Respect others choices.

Love you all
- Vera

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