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Third HUGE presentation: Lip piercings

Hello darlings!

This time I got a suggestion, that it would be cool to know more about lip piercings. Well, it would be short and maybe a bit boring if i'd write only about labrets.. So I asked some help from friends etc, and made this really fucking huge post.
So what is this post about? Lip piercings. All of them, or well, most of them, with pictures!
Labrets, different 'bites', vertical piercings.. Everything. This will be long one, and I apologize for having such a big break from the last post.
Hope you enjoy this one, go ahead and suggest things for next post!

1. First. Labret & Snake bites

Labret is maybe the most common lip piercing. One simple piercing on lower lip. Labret can be placed to almost anywhere on the lip. Usually you see these at the middle of the lip or (surprisingly) at the sides.
Labret isn't the most painful piercing. Of course it depends on a person that is pierced, but usually it isn't the one that makes you cry. Healing time is 'short', in best place a bit less than a month. This piercing just needs a good wash after eating or a smoke at the healing process. There is usually more or less swelling on the lip area after it is pierced. Not much more special treatment is needed.
There are lots and lots of different jewelry options to labret. Either normal labret jewelry or different kind of rings. (bcr, segment, 'horse shoe'.. So much to choose!)
No swimming or sauna in a month!
Quite simple? Wash, don't rub, don't swim or go to sauna. Not that bad I'd say! Also you can change the jewelry after a month IF the piercing has healed properly.  If not, wait until it has.
Labrets don't usually cost that much. In Finland the price is usually 30-40€.
This 'treatment' is good to all lip piercings. Some of them heal longer and more painfully, but are still quite similar.
When having two 'side' labrets, they're called Snake bites. So bite number 1!

There's also a labret that's called 'horizontal labret'. It's simply a labret, that goes horizontally on your lip. Possibly one of the most painful lip piercings, and the healing process isn't nicest. As the horizontal lip is basically a surface piercing, I wouldn't recommend it. It is easier to get double Ashley on your lip(read more below). As the surface piercing usually do grow out, the risk on this one is also big. And as you can think, it will be painful to have a piercing growing out in your lip. Horizontally.

2. Madonna/Monroe, medusa & Angel bites

Same as the last one, but at the upper lip! A bit more painful in my case. Healing is about the same as in the labrets.
It's said that monroe is at the left side of the lip and madonna at the other side. (I prefer just saying madonna or angel bites, if having both sides of the lip pierced!) When the piercing is at the middle of the lip, it's usually called 'medusa'. My personal favorite piercing is angel bites. No idea why, just gotta love it.

3. Vertical labret, Jestrum & Ashley

Vertical labret & jestrum are bit more 'exotic' piercings. Almost the same as their 'normal' forms, labret & medusa.
The difference in labret and vertical labret or medusa and jestrum, is that the lip is pierced, well, vertically. As you can see from the pictures, the jewelry is pierced through the lip. It's said that it is more painful than normal labret. Healing lasts a bit longer, about one to two months, if healed properly. The treatment stays the same.

Ashley isn't a common piercing. It is basically a vertical labret, but only one head of the jewelry will be showing, so the needle goes through the lip and other side will come out from your lips inner side. There's a picture that will maybe help you a bit to get the idea. Ashley's healing is basically the same with vertical labret. I personally love Ashley piercing. It has been on my wish list for a while now, maybe one day! Like in other lip piercings, you can also take many of these on your lip.

4. Dahlia bites

Dahlia bites are often though as dimple piercings. Dahlias are placed usually right in corners of the mouth. Quite painful, not too terrible but not too nice. These usually swallow very much and need very long starting jewelries.

5. Other

There are many other lip piercings. Lowbrets as snake bites, but lower. Cyber bites are called medusa and middle labret together. Canine bites are snake bites and angel bites together.. There are so many of those. Lips are a place, where you can put piercing next to piercing, almost as many as you wish. Anywhere you wish to put them. In any order you want to. That's why lips are one of the most common piercing location.

Thank you for the pictures, Emy Extasy, Minttu Takkinen, Sara Heikkilä, Heidi Leonhart, Niina Lehto, Also borrowed the ashley piercing picture from piercingtime.com

- Vera

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