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"Why would I go to a piercing shop? I can do this by myself!" - Why self piercing is always NO.

So, the title tells something about this topic.
I've heard these words way too many times. Now I'd like to tell you why you should go to a piercing shop instead of just sticking a shitty safety pin through your face.

First of all, the hygiene. When you do a piercing, you have STERILE tools. Everything is sterile. Especially needles and clamps. If you do not have an autoclave and factory new needles, you do not have a fucking sterile tools. That is a cruel fact. No matter how much you boil your clamps or bath them in disinfectant, they won't become entirely sterile, and that is a huge risk for your health.
Too many people think that piercing is just a hole in your face. Well, yes it is, but it also is an open wound. It's prone to all bacteria and shit that touches it. And if it does, it probably will get infected.

Infected piercing is a serious thing, if you won't take care of it as you should, you risk your health VERY seriously. Bad infection can take you to a hospital. As the piercing gets infected, it is connected to your bloodstream and your bloodstream is connected to everywhere. See where I'm going? You can risk your whole body with one small wound, which you didn't give a shit. it is important to clean the infected area with relevant objects and materials. Disinfectant AREN'T a good choice to this. Use warm water, saltwater and tea tree oil. (you can get these from pharmacy) Also you should see a piercer. DO NOT TAKE THE JEWELRY OUT. No matter what, do not take it away. If it gets swollen etc, go to a piercer and ask them to change it to a longer jewelry. If you take the jewelry out as it's infected, all the shit and stuff leaves in the hole and might "encapsulate" inside of your skin. Which means that the infection can spread. (= back to the hospital part.) Piercer will sent you to a hospital if it's necessary.
So remember, if your piercing gets infected:

Back to the topic.

Next thing is the location. It is not possible to put piercing in every single spot on your face. You have larger blood vessels and nerves on your face and body. If you hit a large blood vessel or even worse, you hit an artery, you are very much screwed. Also if you hit a nerve you might say goodbye to your touching sense. I believe that you wouldn't enjoy that.
The location of piercing is very important for your safety, if you do not know the anatomy of your body, DO NOT PIERCE IT.

Next thing is the whole piercing itself. It might be that you do not hit any veins or infect your whole face, but do you get it straight and good? Oblique piercing may be harmful and prone to many risks, such as keloid scars etc. These scars and lumps are harmful for your piercing and may prevent it from healing. Does that sound good? Never healing piercing? I don't think so. Also oblique piercing looks bad and amateur.

If you STILL want to believe that it's fine to do a piercing by yourself, well, you must be an idiot I must say, but next thing is the jewelry. Is that sterile? Nah I don't think so. What about the material? What is it? Is it pure, good titanium? You're not sure? Oh so you have a nickel allergy? What a shame, once again that piercing won't heal and will get into a bad shape.
You can not be sure about the material if you do not have a certificate about the materials used in a jewelry. Yes, they may say that it is titanium on a shop, but is it? You CAN. NOT. BE. SURE. Piercing shop jewelries are high quality titanium and safe for your piercing. (Or well, they should be, if it's a good shop with quality.)

Do not be an idiot and do amateur piercing.
As I know that some people that read my blog know that I have started as an amateur piercer, yes, oh yes I did. And it was VERY RISKY. As I think about it, it literally makes me sick. Dear god I knew that I need to use sterile objects and gloves etc. Still, it is always better safe than sorry. Do not do it. Just don't risk your health for a piercing that may ruin your whole life and body. Think about it, quality pays, shit doesn't.

xoxo Sachi

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